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FastComet Reviews 2023: Is The Best Web Host?

FastComet started its business as a web hosting in 2013. It is one of the major hosting companies working independently. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. More than 750,000 websites are on the FastComet web-hosting platform. They aim to keep integrity, share knowledge, and respect. Therefore, the team working in the company focuses on giving quality services and maintains high standard levels in their projects. It is continuously improving itself in the last 10 years in the business so that, it can survive in the competitive environment. Moreover, FastComet follows its commitment to creating a friendly hosting platform for the people.

Expert’s Opinion On The FastComet Reviews

FastComet is among the reputed companies in the web hosting sector. There is a variety of hosting plans available for small, medium, and large businesses. The company provides 24/7 customer support on the requirement. You can go through the complete FastComet reviews. The experts did their analysis using the benchmarking tools of the FastComet web hosting platform.

We will look into the following list of areas:

  • Website Loading Speed
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support Assistance
  • Features
  • Plans Pricing

Overview Of The FastComet Reviews

  • Performance Grade: A
  • Free SSL: Yes
  • Guarantee Uptime: Yes (99.96% in 365 days)
  • Types of Hosting: Shared, Cloud & Dedicated Server
  • Basic Plan Features: Storage-15 GB, Unlimited Bandwidth & One Website Hosting
  • Starting Plan Price: $2.95 Monthly
  • Return Policy: 45 Days

Best 5 Features Of FastComet

FastComet is a good option for people who are looking for affordable hosting plans for their websites. We did the FastComet reviews it turned out to be a hosting platform customized to the people’s requirements. Therefore, you can have a look at the FastComet features, which made it a reliable web hosting company across the world. 

A Free SSL Certificate Is Available

FastComet is providing a free SSL certificate facility to customers using its web hosting platform. SSL certificate is a type of basic security certificate. All the websites want to remain live on the search engine. Then, they need to have the SSL certificate with them. SSL certificate ensures that the information transfer taking place between the website and the visitor is authorized way. Google revealed that websites without SSL certificates do not get rankings on the search engine. All the FastComet hosting plans come with SSL certificates the encrypted. Therefore, people don’t need to make extra efforts to get SSL certificates for their websites.

Multiple Hosting Plans Offered

We did the FastComet review. Then, we found that the web hosting company is offering multiple hosting plans based on customer requirements. Therefore, the customers can go through the choices of hosting plans and make the decisions accordingly. These hosting plans work well on the content management platforms WordPress and WooCommerce.

Solid-state Drives Used For Storage Purposes

Solid State Drives (SSD) becomes the standard storage drive in the last few years. Such drives are useful in handling multiple requests at one time. It can read and write information quickly. The person can manage things quickly on the website using the standard storage system. All the FastComet hosting plans come with SSDs in them.

CloudFlare Integration

The best way is to increase the website loading time and then, start using the CDN or content delivery networking system. CDN is a service type, which keeps the key files from the websites to all the data centers globally. The price packages of the FastComet come with the Cloudflare CDN in it. It allows the users to load the files on the website through the nearest data center location, which increases loading times. Cloudflare integration is a useful feature so that websites can load from any location fastly.

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45 Days Money Return Policy

Most people research the multiple platforms related to the hosting. Still, there may be a possibility that you don’t get satisfaction while using the hosting services of that particular company. FastComet allows its users to check its hosting services with a 45-days money-back guarantee time. If the users are not happy with the services then, they can get their money back in a guaranteed time.

Who Can Take Up The Fastcomet Hosting? : Fastcomet Reviews

The FastComet Company provides hosting plans suitable for businesses. The company aims to bring improvements to its hosting services. Therefore, it can make it an easy-to-use platform for people. Here are the lists of the sectors that can use the FastComet hosting services for their websites.


The entrepreneurs can set up a single account for managing all their websites using the FastComet web hosting platform. Things are convenient for you to manage even if you are not a technology expert. 

Small-Sized Businesses

The small-sized businesses can get a variety of web hosting plans. Therefore, it depends on them to choose based on their requirements.

Mid-Sized Businesses

FastComet can meet the requirements of mid-sized businesses with the VPN and dedicated facilities available in its hosting plans.

e-Commerce Companies

FastComet comes with tailored solutions for e-commerce companies. The companies can use its hosting services for their WooCommerce websites.

List of Pros and Cons of FastComet

FastComet is actively contributing with its quality services in the web hosting business for 10 years. The company worked hard to give quality services to its customers becoming their top choice in time. Are you deciding to take the FastComet hosting services for your website? You need to check the pros and cons in the FastComet hosting before landing on the final decision.


  • Data Centers available at multiple locations
  • Standard storage facility used
  • Cloudflare integration included in all hosting packages
  • Free daily backup


  • No free domain name facility
  • Higher costs on hosting renewal

Pros of FastComet

Data Centers Available At Multiple Locations

There are around 11 data centers are available at multiple locations. It means that websites are housed in geographically closed locations for the maximum number of users. Furthermore, FastComet is focusing on increasing the number of data centers number in the future. 

Standard Storage Facility Used

FastComet web hosting company is using the SSD standard storage system. The standard storage facility is available in all its hosting plans. It allows for speeding up the multiple requests and storage functionality on the website. Still, such a speed facility does not come while using the traditional drives in the hosting. 

Cloudflare Integration Included In All Hosting Packages

The Cloudflare integration CDN is an effective means to increase website speed. FastComet web hosting is offering Cloudflare integration in all its hosting packages. Therefore, the maximum number of users can get the benefits of the CDN increasing the speed of the website. 

Free Daily Backup

The most important tasks for the web hosting company are to keep the website data secure. Therefore, FastComet provides the facility of free backups daily securely keeping important data on their hosting platform. 

Cons of FastComet

No Free Domain Name Facility

However, FastComet does not provide a free domain registration facility to its users. Meanwhile, there are other hosting companies giving free domains for the first year to their users. You can use FastComet hosting for domain transfer but cannot get a free domain for your website.

Higher Costs On Hosting Renewal

There is the web hosting companies increase their package prices after the signup period. FastComet is working on a different track. The price for the entry-level hosting package at FastComet is $1.95 for the promotional period. The company charges $9 per month for the services renewal from the next month onwards.

FastComet Hosting Plans Guide

FastComet offers three types of web hosting plans to its customers. Here is detailed information on the hosting plans. People can get the FastComet review with the variety of hosting plans available based on business requirements. 

FastComet Reviews

Standard Web Hosting Plan: $1.99 to $3.99 Per Month (Shared)

The standard website hosting plan of FastComet is useful for e-commerce websites, personal websites, small businesses, startups, and artists. The hosting company gives the encrypted SSL certificate, Cloudflare integration, SSD storage, and 15 GB storage capacity. The customer support facility is available for hosting users 24/7. However, if they face any problem then, they can connect with customer support assistance.

Cloud VPS Hosting Plan: $38.95 to $90.94 Per Month

Businesses can start using the Cloud VPS Hosting Plans to increase the functionality of their busy websites online. It comes with the perquisites that include SSL certification, SSD storage, customer support, ticketing support, and free website support. You can add unlimited domains to the Cloud VPS hosting plan. The plans start with 50 GB SSD Storage and 2GB RAM.

Dedicated CPU Servers: $90.35 to $226.85 Per Month

You can use the dedicated CPU hosting services for listing unlimited websites to it. Furthermore, the SSD storage capacity start with 80 GB. The RAM availability is from 4 GB to 32 GB. The additional features included in the dedicated CPU servers include an SSL certificate, customer support 24/7, DNS management free, and unlimited add-on domains. All the hosting packages of FastComet web hosting come with cloudflare integration and standardized storage facilities.

How did we work on the FastComet reviews?

We use our comprehensive approach when we start rating the web hosting companies. Furthermore, we applied a similar approach while working on the FastComet reviews. 

Our focus is to prepare a review dedicated to the people coming from small businesses to e-commerce giants. They need hosting services that can fulfill their business requirements. FastComet hosting service can work out on the WooCommerce and WordPress content management platforms. 

Therefore, it can fulfill the hosting requirements of multiple businesses. The hosting plans at FastComet start from $2.95 monthly. Businesses with budget constraints can check out the FastComet hosting services with the 45 days of guaranteed money-back facility. 

Finally, we are using a variety of third-party tools to check the features and quality of the hosting services provider company. We can say with confidence that FastComet is a good hosting provider company.

It can fulfill the requirements of all services by providing its hosting services to them. The company is getting a positive response from its customers for a long. It is maintaining its standards while improving its services.

Therefore, FastComet is a trustworthy and reliable company with multiple data centers available globally. It can bring improvements in the website loading time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is FastComet shared hosting a benefit to use on e-Commerce websites?

The FastComet shared hosting facility is beneficial for use on e-Commerce websites. The hosting service comes with multiple features including SSL certification, good loading speeds, and a superior uptime facility included in it. 

Can I get a full refund from the FastComet web hosting?

You can take any hosting plan offered by the FastComet company on their requirements. The company provides a 45 days money-back guarantee to its customers. Therefore, you have 45 days available with you to check the company’s hosting services. You can ask for a refund at that time if you are unsatisfied with the services. The company will provide you with a full refund of your hosting plan. 

What kinds of customer service get from FastComet?

FastComet maintained its positive value among customers by providing quick customer support 24/7. The average response time is of 15 minutes for handling customer calls. Additionally, there are three levels of escalation facilities available for technical support. You can use them for your requirement. 

Where are the FastComet data centers located?

There are around data centers of the FastComet web hosting company. The servers of the company are in locations in Newark, Dallas, Fremont, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, and Mumbai.

What are the FastComet nameservers you get on registration?

You did the registration on FastComet. The nameservers set up appears automatically. You require making the nameservers update on your own. It happens when you take the other company’s domain and choose to use the FastComet web hosting services. The FastComet nameservers appear in the following format such as and

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