How to deliver WordPress webiste to a client?

How To Deliver a WordPress Website To a Client?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to deliver a WordPress website to a client? And How to do website design in WordPress?

I’ve divided this article into 8 steps that I think that you should follow if you want to deliver a website to a client. So, I hope that you will learn a lot of new things.

Below are the 8th steps to deliver a WordPress website to a Client.

Let’s discuss WordPress design.

Customize The Login Experience

Dashboard for ClientsLet’s just get started with step number one. And that creates a custom login experience. What this means is when someone clicks on a login link on your website it will go to not the WordPress login but a customized login that we design. How do you customize the login experience? The plugin that we’re going to use for this is called White Label CMS.

This has been around for quite some time and you will probably know that the company and the people behind it are video user manuals who are big in the WordPress space. This is free. There is some branding inside there but you can do a lot with this and you can stop your end-users from seeing any of that branding. You don’t even see it. I think the power and functionality that it adds to what you can do in your dashboard far outweigh that little bit of branding.

You can set a custom logo and custom background for the login page from the setting page of this plugin. You can also add a logo to the sidebar of your admin dashboard.

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Install Google Analytics

Monster InsightsStep number two. Install Google Analytics. Using this method, you can see the page views of the website on your dashboard. You can see a little graph. This is super nice.

You will need Google Analytics for this. Go to, create an account with your Gmail, and then you can create an account in Google Analytics. So, for every new website, you create a new account with Google Analytics.

You have to connect a Google Analytics account to your WordPress website so that WordPress can send the data to Google Analytics and then you can see all the data in Google Analytics. And you can see a preview on your website.

The plugin that we are going to install is called MonsterInsights. This is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

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Set Up A Site Icon/Favicon

The next step is the Site Icon. Back in the day, this was called the Favicon. Right now, it’s called Site Icon in WordPress and that is that little icon that you can see in all of the tabs on browsers, bookmarks, the address bar, and so on. Every website should have a favicon. These icons can play a small but important role in branding your website and not having one could seem less credible to some users.

The two most popular file formats for Favicon or Site Icon are .ico and .png. This format has the most browser support and supports transparent backgrounds for your favicon. A .ico file allows you to store multiple images with different sizes in one file and allows the browser to choose from the options.

In WordPress, you can set up a site icon from the site identity setting. You need to search for a tab called site identity. If you have a different theme, then sometimes it’s hidden in some of the tabs. Sometimes it’s inside of the header or inside of the style. So, you need to click on a few tabs to find the site identity.

Add User For Your Client

The next step is to add users for your client because most clients want to be able to log in themselves and make simple changes to the text and the images. But you don’t want them to change everything about the website.

So, WordPress has a great system for this and that is called user roles. Elementor also uses those user roles, which I’m going to explain in the next step. But in this step, I’m going to show you how you can properly create a user for your client because you should never share your login details just for safety reasons.

Always create a new user as an Editor role. That is one role below the admin role, which is the highest. But I have to say that sometimes your client wants full access to the whole website and then you can add them as an admin.

But I would say for most clients just give them the editor role because you don’t want your clients to touch things that they shouldn’t touch, right. Maybe they are very curious and then they’re going to change a few settings because they think that things could be better. So, I always recommend that you start with the editor role and only make them an admin if they ask for it because at the end of the day it’s their website, right.

So, that’s all you need to know for this step. Let’s go to the next step.

Set Up Elementor User Role

WordPress User Role In ElementorThe next step is to set up Elementor user roles. And this is very important because Elementor doesn’t know that we have just created a new user inside of WordPress. Elementor cannot read everything in WordPress, right? So, you need to tell Elementor that you want to give the editor role limited access to all of the Elementor features.

So, if you go to Elementor, if you have Elementor Pro, you can go to the role manager. And if you don’t have Elementor Pro then this option is not available. That’s why I always recommend that people use Elementor Pro. If you’re still using Elementor for free for your client websites you may have to upgrade to Elementor Pro and I think that you will be convinced that Elementor Pro is the right fit for your web design business. But this is the feature that I talked about. You can click the editor open and then I will check the box Access to edit content only, which is access to edit content only.

And with this feature, you tell Elementor that all the editors can now only access the limited version of Elementor Pro. If you check that box then they will not be able to ever see the Elementor editor. Sometimes you won’t tell that to clients, but in my experience, this is the best option for most clients.

WP Admin UI Customize

And then the next step is a very interesting one. I found this one myself and it’s called WP Admin UI Customize. If you go to the plugins and you click on add new and you search for this plugin, WP Admin UI Customize, you can see this plugin. If you click on it, it will say this plugin has not been tested with your current version. I use it on all of my websites and this is because this developer started a new plugin. But I think this plugin is actually much better than his newer version, which I also tested and it still works fine. And it also has very good ratings of four and a half stars.

So, what this allows you is to limit what your client can see inside of WordPress because your client can see all of these things. So, for example, let’s say, you only want your clients to be able to see the pages and maybe not even the comments and the media, right. Or even the ExactMetrics report. Maybe you want to only give him a preview on the dashboard. And also, you want the top admin bar to only have one button. You can change that with that plugin.

So, in this way, it’s not very hard for your clients because for most clients, it’s just too technical. You want to make it as easy as possible. So, I think this is an excellent plugin to make the experience for your clients better.

Make An Explainer Video

The next step is the explainer video. What I always do when the client needs to fill their content is that I make an explainer video on how to use the website. Because still, we’ve made it much easier and nicer for your client. But for most clients, it’s still a little bit hard.

So, what I always do is I just record my screen, not with the camera but just my laptop screen and microphone. I put on my ScreenFlow or my QuickTime. And on Windows, there’s a great tool called Loom that’s free. Where you can record your screen and your microphone at the same time. 

That is something that your client will appreciate. I’ve done it with almost all of my projects and I just tell my client like, hey, if you log into your account you can change the basic things of your website over here. Just go to pages and I just exactly tell them where to click. 

Just a very simple video, maybe just take your iPhone and record it. Make it super easy and give your client a little bit of confidence that they can make simple changes to a website. How they can add portfolio items, how they can add blog posts, and where they can see the analytics, right.

So, this is just something that I always do and your clients will love this because they will not feel lost. And this is very important because if your client has a nice experience in the last few weeks that they work with you, they are going to tell other people about you. So, make sure that you don’t forget them after the website is done. Tell them what they can do with it and they will be very happy with you.

I just make a video like this, I put it on YouTube and I send them an unlisted YouTube link. So, when you upload a video like this, you can put that video on unlisted. And that means that only the people who have that link can watch that video. So, your video will not be live on YouTube, it’s just for you and your client to watch that video.

Manage WP

Manage WordPressThe last step is step number eight. And that is to use a tool like Manage WP. Something like this is super useful for your client’s websites. Because if you have a lot of websites that means that you also need to update a lot of plugins. I charge my clients for this.

You can sign up for Manage WP for free. And you just connect all the accounts of your clients. What you need to do on your client’s website is to download a plugin called Manage WP. 

After you have connected your client website to ManageWP, you can have a simple overview of all of your client’s websites on the ManageWP dashboard. And what’s great about this tool is that even if you want you can update all of your client plugins with just one click. How amazing is that? You can install backups.

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So, above are the 8th steps to deliver a WordPress Website to a Client.

If you guys want me to make a separate article about then let me know and for any questions and queries comment below. I hope that you found this article valuable. If you did, then please leave a comment because that is very good. You can also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

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