What is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting? Is it worth it?

WordPress hosting is a term related to web hosting.  It gives perfect services and good performance for the website. The difference is that WordPress hosting runs WordPress powered websites.

In the beginning, let’s compare shared hosting with WordPress hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Website hosting is typically done on a shared platform often called shared hosting. This means you and other websites are going to share the hosts, you are going to share the server, you are going to share the resources.

In this, processor speed, memory, bandwidth all that stuff gets shared between multiple web sites and if no one’s hogging the wet no one’s one website is hogging those resources it works out pretty good.

Typically it does the hosting company will monitor that and make sure nobody is sucking up all the resources more than someone else. So they watch that for you. It’s usually the cheapest and it’s the easiest to use.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Now, let’s discuss WordPress hosting. This is made for WordPress. It will be really fast. There are issues with this. When you get WordPress Hosting, hosting that is dedicated to your WordPress website that means, that host is adding on a whole bunch of features, a whole bunch of services.

They are not making the memory faster or the disk space better or anything like that nut they are adding services. When they are adding services that are already included within WordPress. So What they are doing is that you log in to a hosting panel account and from here you can log in to the WordPress website, from here you can update plugins, from here you can change your theme.

The other drawback is, WordPress hosting typically does not come with cPanel. So when you go and you host with any hosting company, you get their WordPress hosting. You have all these tools. You can log in to WordPress, You can update your plugins, you can update your theme, you can have some of this automated. That’s all really good stuff but you can already do that in WordPress.

The big drawback is you don’t have a cPanel. cPanel allows us to access our files, allows us to access the database, it allows us to add emails. We can do this all through cPanel. cPanel stands for the control panel. Without that we couldn’t get into the files easily, we couldn’t change stuff that needs to be fixed when the site broke easily. You end up paying more for WordPress hosting, you get redundant features and you miss out on the cPanel.

The automated features of a WordPress hosting package in my opinion does not match the features you get with the cPanel and in order to get a cPanel you need to have a shared hosting plan or web hosting. 


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